An Address to the Men of the Texas Division

The following message is one from Rudy Ray of the Texas Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. His message rings true here in Kansas and in Oklahoma as well. It’s time to oust the grannies that insist on relegating our heritage and our charge to a history/country club.

Men, we have posted our Open Letter to the Division on several FB pages and in the Belo Herald. I am also in the process of emailing it to the Camp Leaders listed on the Div Webpage. But, that listing is not updated. New Commanders and Adjutants may not be on the list. I urge each Texas Vindicator to 1. email the attachment to as many SCV men, leaders or not, that you have email addresses for. It will not hurt if some men get several such emails from different men. and 2. Make hard copies of our Letter and hand them out where appropriate.

I will remind us all that the current Division Command [Texas Division as well as the AoTM as a whole] has chosen to not merely ignore and refuse to recognize the Texas Vindicators but in doing so have blatantly declared that the only version of the SCV that they will recognize is their version. They also have adopted the tactic of isolating individual Vindicators and seeking to “use” them to support and carry out their version of the SCV- the Reconstructed, Elitist Version, elitist because they are more interested in maintaining their control of the SCV then they are in fulfilling the Charge of the SCV.  Now is the time more than ever that we as Vindicators stick together and offer to other open minded SCV men a different version of the SCV- the Unreconstructed, Elite Version, elite because we are men with a charge, a mission to vindicate the Cause of the CSA.

Rudy Ray

An Address to the Men of the Texas Division

Were I in Texas, I would join in less than a heartbeat. As it is, I am tempted to advocate among our membership for a Kansas-Oklahoma branch of the Vindicators. We need more men like this, dedicated to the charge and to the vindication of our history. Not the pathetic, politically correct, granny methodology of “preserving our history” which has already been preserved, or the building of yet another “museum”, but in the open and unabashed advocacy of the South, her people, her history, her values and her way of life which our ancestors fought and died for against the invasion armies of the dictator, Lincoln. As we come closer to the anniversary of his assassination, I think it would be entirely appropriate to form the “KS/OK Vindicators” on that date, 14 April, and to seek out Confederate members from the ranks of the Kansas and Oklahoma camps to stand up and be counted for our ancestors and for their memories, and for the vindication of the cause for which they fought and died. It’s time to stop letting the flaggers do our jobs for us. WE ARE THE SONS OF CONFEDERATE VETERANS!!!

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