Civil War History As Taught in the Early 1900’s

Back in the day when there were those remaining that lived through the Civil War, history was taught a little differently. In the textbooks, it was acknowledged that while restrictions by the Feds on the slave states was a partial cause, a great concern of all involved was the doctrine of sovereignty of State rights, and that the Union was in fact a compact of sovereign States. The tarrifs and taxes are mentioned, the threat of Northern Political power being used to crush Southern freedoms, and the harsh and violent attacks against Southerners in border slave states even before the Civil war. History used to acknowledge that the Presidents concern was to defend U.S. “property” in Southern States, and to collect customs, taxes and tarrifs to finance the Union. Attached is an excerpt from “The United States in the Making” which while still clearly biased against the Southern cause, includes a number of defenses of the South in the actions taken which modern history is trying to erase completely.

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