Commander of Camp #307, Mason Page – New Blog

Camp Commander Mason Page, of the Col. Dew Moore Wisdom Camp #307 has taken us up on our open offer to active members of camps of the Oklahoma Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans for a personal sub-domain blog as stated on our home page,

If you are a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Oklahoma Division and would like your own blog/website at, CONTACT ME for setup. This service is free of charge for members of Oklahoma Camps.

You may view his new blog at Mr. Page is currently one of three Candidates for the upcoming election of a Division Commander for the State of Oklahoma.

We are also looking for more contributors to our main blog. If you have any interest in this service or in contributing to our blog for a readership throughout Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, Arizona, New Mexico and Kansas as well as scattered views from other States, please CONTACT ME.


As usual, the standard disclaimer applies. This service is open to ANY and ALL members of the Oklahoma Division. As such, provision of this service is not in any way to be viewed as an endorsement of any kind. All content provided by persons using this service on their own sub-domain of SCVOK is their own, and we are not responsible/liable for it. The views that they share are their own, and should not be viewed as a shared opinion of the staff here at SCVOK, nor as an official view of the Oklahoma Division of the SCV, nor as an official view of the IHQ of the SCV unless specifically stated as such with link or reference to said content on an official site or publication. All content, opinions, information or shared data of any kind is the sole view and property of the user which requested the sub-domain of SCVOK for their own use, personal or official.

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