Confederate Flag Rally in Shawnee, OK

Rex Cash, the Lt. Commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Oklahoma Division, hosted the rally. He summed up his rally’s goal rather simply: vindicating Civil War-era ancestors who fought for the South. He said the Confederate battle flag was not a political statement — it was a battle flag that represented those who served under it. “It is personal to me,” Cash said. “We are here to vindicate our ancestors, who fought with honor and courage.” To Cash, and many members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the flag was another image of his family ancestors, and he said that is what opponents of the Confederate flag don’t get.

Cash refuted any notion that either he or his organization endorsed any racism or hatred. He reiterated that our organization is offended by racist groups “hijacking” the Confederate battle flag. “I don’t like being called a racist or white supremacist. And neither do you!” Cash shouted to the crowd. Cash made the argument that the Ku Klux Klan had not taken on the Confederate battle flag as their symbol until the 1950s, long after the majority of lynchings had taken place. So, don’t blame the flag, he said. He criticized Oklahoma Baptist University for recently removing the Confederate flag from a display on its Shawnee campus. “This is what happens when there is boring predictability,” Cash said. “Principle and fact are sacrificed for the idol of political correctness.”

Cash pointed out that it was not a Confederate Supreme Court that ruled in 1857 that blacks were not citizens nor which later upheld Jim Crow laws. It was the U.S. Supreme Court that did that under the U.S. flag. Cash’s speech pointed out that Lincoln was the oppressor who planned all along to “invade another country.” Cash said the Civil War wasn’t about slavery at all. He said it was about government overreach and the North taking advantage of the South. He said to look at Lincoln’s inaugural speech of 1861.

Excerpted from a negative review of the rally. Read the original HERE. Article credit to Michael Duncan, despite the Northern slant placed on the original. As Andy McWilliams  masterfully responded to the article: “You don’t get it. And you won’t get it, even if we explain it to you sir. Good day.”


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