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Attached below is the April edition of the Belo Camp Newsletter.  It’s one of my favorite overall newsletters from SCV Camps because of its strong, Confederate and absolutely unapologetically unreconstructed content.  Around ten or eleven years ago the Commander in Chief at the time, Denne Sweeney, was assisting in forming a Camp in Dallas which was to be called the Belo Camp. He made a choice, despite what the socialist, revisionist, school system had taught him; he chose to honor his CONFEDERATE ancestors, and to do so with CONFEDERATE thinking and CONFEDERATE action. As a result, his camp is CONFEDERATE!!!


At around the same time, Johnnie Lee Holley (Current Army of the Trans-Mississippi Commander) was involved in breaking away from the SCV and forming a new (and ultimately failed) “elitist” organization with Gary Loudermilk (the Descendants of Confederate Veterans / DCV). Fast forward to 2017 when they’ve rejoined the SCV and have a look at the outcomes. The Belo Camp turned out unreconstructed and Confederate, and there we have Johnnie’s group behaving just as liberally as the people with whom he surrounded himself.  Confederate?  No.  Johnnie is into a new kind of preservation – preserving the socialist Yankee Pledge of Allegiance in the SCV, and preserving a history that’s already BEEN preserved by our forebears by wasting SCV resources on building yet another museum. Isn’t that the reason why Johnnie Holley was so actively establishing his own kind of group founded by his own kind of people instead of the Confederates in the SCV?  Today, those in charge of the SCV have fallen into Lincolnian thinking and wish to change the SCV to match that vision.


One would think that for certain, the Oklahoma Division would be staunchly opposed to Johnnie and his kind since Johnnie’s like-minded buddies who were ousted from the SCV, and a new Oklahoma Division was formed to move forward – the right way. We need to stand up strong and firm, and soundly defeat this latest proposed liberal Constitution for the Oklahoma Division that’s on the agenda for the Saturday, April 22, 2017 Oklahoma Convention.  Everything we have was given to us by the Confederate veterans and we don’t have a right change it or add to it. We were given the example of the United Confederate Veterans, and the charge by Lt. Gen. Stephen Dill Lee. That’s all we need.


We’ve reached a point in our organizational history where outside groups such as the Virginia Flaggers are more true to the charge than we. They aren’t trying to “preserve history” because they know that it’s already been preserved. They aren’t building museums, because they know that museums have already been built. They aren’t preaching heritage not hate, because they know what the flag stands for and they are educating people on its meaning, history, purpose and relevance. Meanwhile, we are sitting back like old grannies and doing nothing at all when cities like Wichita, KS remove confederate battle flags from veteran monuments and parks. We, as the SCV are losing our relevance, because we have lost our vision which was born of the charge. It’s time to come together and end that, once and for all. We are Sons of CONFEDERATE Veterans!




Belo Newsletter:

The Belo Herald April 2017
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