DEC Meeting – Conference Call Audio (Texas)

UPDATE: A text version has been posted HERE for those who are unable to understand the audio, or who would prefer to read or to share the text.

Johnny Holley (on claims of request from National) has brought charges against Texas SCV Compatriot Rudy Ray (Clifford Rudolph Ray II), on claims of Disloyalty to the SCV. Rudy Ray spoke up against the actions of the SCV leadership after which Holley claims that National made a request to Texas to meet in order to approve passing it to National for discipline. This resulted in the conference call audio recording which is presented.

This audio recording is of the Texas Executive Council, and they instruct at the beginning that they are being asked not to make a decision regarding guilt or innocence, and that they are being asked to forward it directly to the National for disciplinary action. They explain the “ritual” that occurred, and point out that Compatriot Rudy Ray made a Facebook post against the ritual. They further explain the point of the proceedings, and discuss actions which can or cannot be taken by the Texas division.

The “violation” being considered by the Texas DEC, is: “Rudy wrote an unpleasant Facebook post about the Commander in Chief and the National Proceedings and sent it out to a variety of people, and they ended up in some very public places.”

The post that caused CIC and National to be offended (and which is actually read in the audio) is as follows:

An image of the post is included only as part of this official record, in order to prevent anyone from claiming that Rudy said something which he did not. Full text of the post is provided to the left.

If anybody has been or is wondering about what “The Truce” was, well here is a glaring example of it. And this little scene of the CIC of the SCV embracing the yankees, for that is exactly who he is embracing, is an example of such, and is further proof that many in the SCV today do not give a damn about vindicating the Cause, but only want the infamous and Progressive serving “Truce” reinstated. If they and their yankee buddies can get that done then all will be well and we in the SCV can go back to our meet, greet, eat, civil war roundtable, history preserving, social club, and have fun and dance and sing and dress up and play soldier and get back to our harmless, get along with everybody SCV fun and games.


Basic historical facts, common sense, and sound reasoning demands that if the Confederate Cause is vindicated the Union/Yankee Cause is condemned and if the Union/Yankee/Progressive Cause is vindicated the Confederate Cause is therefore condemned. Pardon me but I refuse to throw my brain out the window to get along with these duped men and their Truce mentality.


AND this type of glaring example of this Truce Mentality, that has always served the Progressives, is a draw a line in the sand type of action. Strain knows, damn well knows that such a thing is highly offensive to the Unreconstructed men in the SCV and yet he does it in our face. Who would have missed such foolishness if it simply was left out? A few Country Clubbers? So Strain draws a line in the sand. Our Unreconstructed SCV response should be ok. So be it. If we are indeed Unreconstructed SCV men, if we are indeed vindicators of the Cause then let us indeed be such. And let us truly work in all that we do to unreconstruct the SCV according to its Charge to vindicate the Cause.



Also included below, a copy of Rudy’s defense that he prepared on his own behalf.

7-30-17 Letter of Explanation To Friends Concerning the SUV Flap

And finally, the document that he mentions in the letter of explanation.

The SCV and SUVCW Are Utterly Incompatible With Irreconcilable Differences

BRIEF: A motion was made to send to next DEC meeting in September. Motion did not carry, subject not tabled. Motion was then made that the issue be forwarded directly to the National SCV office disciplinary committee by John Dickey (as it had been pointed out prior that sending it to National would result in less fallout for Texas Division, as at National, an unknown board would be responsible for deciding the outcome). Motion was seconded. Roll call vote was to be taken but confusion over the previous amendment distracted. A vote was then taken on an amendment to the original motion to move the issue to the next DEC meeting. The amendment stipulated that the DEC have an “emergency meeting” ASAP to discuss the issue face to face. The motion failed. The motion to forward the issue to the National disciplinary committee was then voted on. The motion carried, the DEC Texas Division voted to allow the SCV National Division to send the issue regarding Compatriot Rudy Ray before a disciplinary committee.

UPDATE: A text version has been posted HERE for those who would prefer to read or to share the text.

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