Denny’s Denies Conference Area to Sons of Confederate Veterans

Denny’s, who had previously agreed to allow the Sons of Confederate Veterans Oklahoma Division utilize their meeting space for the Division Executive meeting on February 4th, has instead caved to pressure from the politically correct crowd and reneged on their commitment. Commander Easterling, was able to find a replacement site where there is no charge for the meeting room, and which seats fifty people. The meeting will be hosted by the Captain Clem Van Rogers Camp 481, of Oklahoma City.

I am absolutely fed up with the ever-extending shadow of political correctness that’s currently smothering the nation, and I vow that I will not step foot into a Denny’s again, unless by some great miracle, they issue a formal and public apology to the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and I encourage any and all who read this, to join me in boycotting Denny’s. The act of agreeing to allow their meeting space to be used, and then deciding against it after plans had already been made is absolutely disgusting, and beyond dishonorable. Sons of the South, rise up and Boycott Denny’s!!!

Denny’s has shown themselves to be anti-South and anti-history in favor of kissing up to the thin-skinned, politically correct ideologists that are destroying the Yankee nation. Join me in boycotting them.  We won’t put them out of business, but there are enough loyal sons of the South remaining in this century to make them take notice. Any member or friend of the Sons of Confederate Veterans or any related organization that spends a single dollar at any Denny’s Diner anywhere in the nation, spits on the memory of his Confederate ancestors.

I am unaware if this was a corporate decision, or a buckle to local pressure. Either way, the area had been booked, and then the SCV was contacted and told that the space would in fact, not be available to them. It was the Denny’s Diner in Midwest City/Oklahoma City, OK located on Douglas Boulevard.

Denny’s Diner
3130 S Douglas Blvd
Oklahoma City, OK 73150
(405) 733-2200

Please use the hashtag #SCVBoycottDennys (preferred) and/or #BoycottDennys on all Social media where you share this.

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