Dylann Roof and Micah X. Johnson – Where is Equality Now?

Dylann Roof, posing with a pistol and the Second Confederate Navy Jack Naval Flag.

Dylann Roof, posing with a pistol and the Second Confederate Navy Jack Naval Flag.

Dylann Roof went on a shooting rampage at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina on the evening of June 17, 2015. Nine people, including the senior pastor, state senator Clementa C. Pinckney were killed in this heinous act, and a tenth victim survived. Almost immediately images of him posing with different symbols of white supremacy were circulated throughout every media channel, but the only two images from any source that the media focused on, were; 1. a photo of Dylann posing with a Confederate Battle Flag 2. a photo of Dylann leaning against a car with a CSA license plate. Dylann, of course; claimed no affiliation with any group, but his act was pinned on all Southern Pride/Confederate Heritage. And of course, our fearless leader, President Obama had much to say. “We all have to acknowledge that the flag has always represented more than ancestral pride.” “By taking down that flag, we express God’s grace. But I don’t think God wants us to stop there.” 


Within days, Confederate Battle flags were banned. Amazon and eBay pulled all Confederate related merchandise (while continuing to sell Nazi related merchandise) and the cries of injustice and for the removal of all Confederate monuments and street names and school names began to multiply. People that had walked past these monuments and courthouses with flags flying for years, had never made any sign of feeling any oppression, but SUDDENLY, they were being oppressed severely, and all of these things had to go. Now, over a year later, politicians are still caving and removing these symbols of oppression that no one even noticed, prior to the media spin on the Charleston rampage.



Micah Johnson in an African pride related print shirt, saluting with the Black Power fist gesture.

Micah X. Johnson was a U.S. Amy Reserve Veteran that  served in the 420th Engineer Brigade based at Seagoville, Texas where he was a carpentry and masonry specialist. He was deployed to Bagram air base in Afghanistan to work construction, and there is no evidence that he ever saw combat. He was dismissed from the Army in disgrace after a female soldier accused him of sexual harassment and said he needed “mental help”Five days before the massacre in Dallas, he began writing on a Black Power website that featured a cartoon of a hooded, terrorist-type figure slitting the throat of a uniformed officer. His social media accounts showed him becoming more radical with Black Power images proliferating and a growing interest in groups like the New Black Panthers and, more disturbingly, the African American Defense League which had called for “death to every blue, bastard, hypocrites, killer pig across the nation”. He was supposedly shunned from groups like the People’s New Black Panther Party and the Black Riders Liberation Party for being “unstable”, but Johnson continued attending protests and events in the area, according to multiple people within the Dallas activist community. Online, Johnson was openly affiliated with the African American Defense League, the Black Riders Liberation Party, the Huey P. Newton Gun Club, and South Dallas’ Muhammad Mosque Number 48, which is run by underlings of Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam.

In keeping with his new interest, he went on a shooting rampage resulting in five dead police officers, seven additional wounded police officers, and two wounded civilians.

361016D600000578-3683606-A_police_officer_killed_in_the_attack_has_been_identified_as_43_-m-40_1468188098104 3611F4A000000578-3683606-Patrick_Zamarripa_a_young_father_who_was_the_second_cop_to_be_na-m-43_1468188142913 3614484700000578-3683606-Michigan_native_Michael_Krol_the_third_cop_shot_dead-a-42_1468188109168 3615909F00000578-3683606-Fallen_Dallas_Texas_police_officer_Lorne_Ahrens_pictured_on_the_-a-37_1468188085881 3615B02A00000578-3683606-image-a-39_1468188085888

The casualties include Dallas police officers Patrick Zamarripa (center), Michael Krol (right), Lorne Ahrens and Michael J. Smith, as well as DART Officer Brent Thompson (left)

Like Dylann, Micah claimed no affiliation with any groups, and “acted alone”, yet the media made no effort whatsoever to reveal his direct association with the Black Panthers or Black Power Movements. No media outrage regarding the symbol of an organization with the murder of hundreds directly linked to it, no media outrage regarding his obvious racial motivations, and the Black Panther flag still flies. The black power fist symbol is still openly seen. A flag and a symbol that ACTUALLY causes fear and a group that OPENLY threaten and harass white people across the nation. Where is equality, when it comes to things like this?


By Theophilus Floyd – Used with permission.

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