Emergency SCV Relief Funds

Sons of Confederate Veterans
Compatriots and friends:

Headquarters is putting out a new call for donations to the SCV Relief Fund. We, the descendants of Confederates, being forcibly engaged, by the forces of nature and by the necessity of the times, into a new battle. This is a battle of finance and of relief for our fellow compatriots, affected by the recent disasters that are hitting our nation. These are our own. Descendants of soldiers who fought and died for the same belief in States Rights and freedom from the tyranny of an overreaching, dictatorial Federal government. These are our brothers in arms. And when any of our brothers hurt, WE should feel their pain. This isn’t an option, this is your DUTY as a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Just as our ancestors rushed to the aid of fallen or wounded comrades, we must do the same. We cannot claim in good faith to be members, if we are blind to the pain and suffering of other members. Knowing that they are in need and doing nothing, will forever bring shame on your ancestor. Perhaps no one else will ever know about it, but you will, and you will have sullied their good names.

As we all watched the news over the past few weeks showing the devastations in Louisiana and Texas, you could be looking at the faces of our compatriots that live in those areas.  Most in the area have lost something, some have lost everything.  Just think this could be you. Now you have a chance to help compatriots across this devastated region. Last year we helped seven SCV members with relief and went over budget by $500.  We have always been able to use what is budgeted.  This year is different. I already have nine SCV members seeking relief and our resources are almost gone. Our SCV Relief Fund is set up to be quick to get our members just a little money to get by until their insurance can kick in.   We need for you to act now and spread the word so we can help as many members as we can. As various disasters and catastrophic events occur and affect our membership, we must stand ready to assist our brothers and sisters in gray.  We must prepare and distribute information on the level of relief we can provide based upon our available resources and the need to assist as many compatriots as possible in any given catastrophe.  All levels of our organization must be made aware of the fund and its limitations.  Assistance can only be provided as short term, stop gap measure and at the request of those needing the assistance.

Do not wait.  Reach in your pocket and give to the SCV Relief Fund today. For more information, please contact me directly at  870-926-2985.  We sincerely thank you for your time and continued support.

Yours sincerely, / faithfully

W. Danny Honnoll

When you give, your donation will be tax deductible since the Sons of Confederate Veterans are a registered 501(c) 3 organization. Get out your checkbook right now, and make checks payable to “Sons of Confederate Veterans” and in the memo section denote your donation for “SCV Relief Fund.” As soon as you are finished, place it in an envelope and mail to:

Sons of Confederate Veterans
c/o SCV Relief Fund
P.O. Box 59
Columbia, Tennessee 38402-0059

Again, Headquarters is asking for donations. I am not. I am TELLING you, donate. As much as you can. Don’t put yourself in the poor house in so doing, but do remember that some of these members that you will be helping don’t even have a house right now. This isn’t optional. This is a matter of duty and of honor. God bless you for your gift, and God bless the SCV.


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