Last Night’s Save the Confederate Monument Rally

Sadly, with such short notice, only around nineteen (19) compatriots showed up to defend our honor and our heritage last night in Dallas at Pioneer Plaza Cemetery. Fortunately, the opposition was unable to put together a crowd much larger than thirty (30) people. I’m very proud of those 19 of my compatriots that showed up to vindicate the cause of our honored ancestors. Our ancestors, like these 19, were willing to leave the comfort of their homes and families to travel and to fight. Just to show you the mentality that we’re dealing with, here’s a note (profanity removed) from one of them from late July:

“That monument is coming down, get over it.  NO HATE, NO FEAR, WE DONT WANT YOUR STATUE HERE! You idiots can barley get 80 people to go to your racist rally. We are going to outnumber you and everyone is going to see it. Kiss your racist monument goodbye, it will end up in the dump. #YourHistoryIsHate #RacistGoHome

Sadly, one point of their rant is absolutely correct… “You idiots can barley get 80 people”. Regardless of last nights showing and outcome, and the sensationalist news reporting that it received using words such as “clash” to describe the 19/30 teams present, it was largely peaceful and uneventful. The battle is far from over. This, from the “Texas Freedom Force” scheduled for this Saturday – Let’s get an overwhelming force of Confederates to show up there:

Performance by Smoke ( Lamar Russell), Speakers like Joseph Offutt, Leveius Bryant, Lamar Russell, Sanford Reed, John McCammon, and more!

August 12, 2017 at Travis Park in San Antonio, Texas from 2:00 PM until 6:00 PM Central Standard Time.

Hosted by This Is Texas Freedom Force, Sons Of Confederate Veterans, Daughters of Confederate Veterans, Alamo Militia, Texas III%ers and more!  Be apart of the largest rally to hit the Alamo City in a very long time. Stand up for your history. We will see y’all there!!! Full security teams, Hydration Teams, Medic Teams, TITFF Tent & much much more!

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