Further Musings on the Charge and the Modern SCV

Since posting yesterday’s article, I’ve received numerous emails from several camp/brigade/division commanders. Many of them expressing the same sentiment. They are spending fortunes on attorneys, court costs, flag events, organization of rallies and manpower trying to meet with different governmental figures to accomplish things, but the membership has yet to stand up and join in solidarity with these leaders. They are bending over backwards to preserve parks, monuments, statues and cemeteries, and only five members can be bothered to show up for the various events. It’s absolutely ridiculous. The SCV is not a country club. You don’t join to get a card to shove in your billfold and walk away. You join to defend the sacred trust and honor of your ancestors. Their blood, the blood of heroes and of visionaries run in your veins. To be too busy to stand up for them at a rally? The Virginia Flaggers are able to get more than 700 people to turn out for the raising of a flag, but we can’t get more than a handful of people to stand up when a flag is loweredUNACCEPTABLE. While they are finding new ways to raise awareness, many of our people find new ways to avoid confrontation. UNACCEPTABLE.

What will it take to get members more involved? What can be done to unify SCV members across State boundaries, and get them to stand in unison? What is needed to get them to form up and take their station in battle lines, to defend our ancestors honor? Send me your suggestions to share with the different leaders that have emailed. Let’s do something. Let’s take action and make a difference! If ever we needed unity and a show of numbers, it is now. We are actively under attack!

It’s fine to empathize with and to understand the other side of the coin, but we, as members of the SCV, we support only the Confederate side. Our people were Confederate from 1861-1865 and we honor their service. We support and defend the truths of the Confederate veterans and the South. Our Confederate veterans gave us direction when they established the SCV in 1896 and later confirmed by S. D. Lee with the Charge in 1906.  Some men simply cannot reject their early indoctrination in government schools, yet they are somewhat fascinated having a Confederate ancestor until it becomes unpopular or unacceptable. SCV isn’t about being popular, it’s about standing for our ancestors memories and defending their honor. We have absolutely no duty to accommodate liberalism. that isn’t part of the charge we were given.

To drive the point home, I have included the text of SCV Texas Commander Rudy Ray of the John H. Reagan Camp 2156, Palestine, Texas’s musings on the National Reunion at Richardson, Texas:

Now for the things I observed that were discouraging and that reinforced my already strong belief that the SCV must be reformed/unreconstructed if it is to continue to exist as something more than just a Historical Group, a Civil War round table so to speak. In spite of this last year’s flurry of attacks upon everything Confederate I was struck with the all too obvious fact that few SCV men really believe that we are in a war, a war for the very survival of our Heritage. The Convention exhibited and gave the feel of a Banquet Room and Celebration Event rather than of a War Room and Vindication Event. Perhaps it is designed to be that way and under the old “truce” such may have at least appeared to be appropriate (I believe the truce and the banquet mentality were never appropriate and betrayed us and our Cause). I did not make any of the Business Sessions as I was running our Texas Vindicator Table but from all reports it was pretty much business as usual with exchanged accolades and pats on the back with little substance. I thought it was interesting and upsetting that with all of the accolades and backslapping the one group that is more wide awake to and engaged in the current war did not receive any accolades. There was supposed to be a resolution of support for the Virginia Flaggers but evidently there was not time to squeeze it in among all of the backslapping.

Along with this Banqueting atmosphere and mentality it was apparent that the SCV is run by those with a Country Club, Chamber of Commerce pedigree and mentality. These people are the ones that cause the SCV to be overly concerned, indeed obsessed with our “image” rather than being obsessed as it were with our duty of vindicating the Cause. Perhaps our newly selected CIC and Lt CIC will break that mold and lead us, not in worrying about what a yankeefied, Progressive, God hating, Bible hating, Confederacy hating society thinks about us, but rather in leading us to do our duty, fulfill our Charge, and vindicate the Cause. I hope that this is the case and that the Country Club Elitists by this time next year are the distressed ones while all of the “mere” SCV members will be thrilled to have bold Warriors leading them rather than compromising Politicians. We will see if they indeed break the mold or if the mold breaks them.

One more thing about the Country Club SCV model- the price for these National conventions are outrageous. Sixty bucks just to attend the business sessions added to hotel fees, food, travel expense and then to top it off nearly every extra event/activity is expensive. One could easily drop $1,000 dollars for a National Reunion. Maybe it’s time to have reunions like our Confederate ancestors themselves had them- in parks with tents, cookouts, etc.

By far the most distressing thing that occurred in the Convention aside from the prominent place given the Flag of the invaders and subjugators of our land, along with the Cause hating pledge that accompanies it, was the place, indeed the prominent place, given to a member of the Sons of the Union Veterans and the exchanging of so-called mutual respect. I attended the Opening Ceremonies. I was prepared for the Federal Flag and its Cause denying Pledge but I was completely ambushed by the SUV/SCV exchange of kisses.  My fellow Vindicator friends failed to warn me about this and it was all I could do to leave before I made a scene. I then found out that they had been doing this nonsense since the 1930s! That only made it worse. I could care less if they had been doing it since 1865. It is wrong, wrong, wrong. It is a product of that Cause betraying “truce”, that ill-advised truce that served and continues to serve the enemies of our Cause in their effort to exterminate and eliminate every vestige of the Confederacy.

This exchange of “respect” with the SUV coupled with the prominent place of the USA Flag and the Pledge of Allegiance to that Flag gives the unmistakable testimony to any intelligent person that the issues of that 1860s Conflict were and are resolved; and that they were and are resolved by the USA military victory over the CSA.  AND that is a lie, a damnable lie!!!! Nothing of the true and lasting issues of that war have been resolved and our current generation, our current Southern generation desperately, DESPERATELY needs to know that; and yet we, the keepers of the Cause, the one entity charged with vindicating and thus preserving that Cause are in our National Conventions holding ceremonies and displaying symbols that declare that our Cause was wrong and that the Yankee/USA cause was not only militarily victorious but was also the right cause. DAMN RIGHT I AM MAD! I am mad as hell at this and will never get along with such betrayal!!!!!

As Rev. John L. Girardeau, D.D. declared in his pamphlet “A Heritage of Resisting Tyranny” Originally published in 1871:

Let us cling to our identity as a people! The danger is upon us of losing it–of its being absorbed and swallowed up in that of a people which having despoiled us of the rights  of freemen assumes to do our thinking, our legislating and our ruling for us. Influence are operating on us with every last breath we dram which, if we be not vigilant, will sooner or later wipe out every distinctive characteristic which has hitherto marked us. Are we prepared for it?

As Pastor John Weaver declares:

God and one man make a majority… He will use a man as Micaiah, He will use a man as Jackson, He will use a man as Lee… Can you imagine what one man can do? Our Lord took twelve men and turned the world upside down… Be that man.

Finally I close, for your consideration, with the words of our Lord from the book of Revelation (Revelation 3:15-16) KJV :

I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.
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