OK Division Commander Ken Cook Announces Self as Candidate for Commander, OK Division

DISCLAIMER: This posting should not be taken as an endorsement by the staff here at the SCV OK blog, or as an official endorsement of the SCV. This article concerns only an announcement from the Newsletter, of candidacy announcements for various posts in the Division.

Oklahoma now has three choices for Division Commander. Current Oklahoma Division Commander Ken Cook has announced in the Oklahoma Division Newsletter, that he will be running again this year for the office of Oklahoma Division Commander. Sadly, Lt. Commander Rex Cash will not be seeking re-election. Commander Cook also mentioned the others who have announced their formal candidacy. For Division Commander; Mason Page, Brandon Thompson, for Division Lt. Commander; Kevin Easterling and for Brigade Commander; Jerry Patrick. Here is the announcement, as written in the Newsletter:

2018 Division Officer Elections

Commander Ken Cook hereby announces his candicacy [candidacy] for re-election to the office of Division Commander. Lt. Commander Rex Cash has advised Commander Cook that he will not seek re-election to his office.

Compatriot Mason Page of Camp Col. Dew Moore Wisdom of Muskogee and Compatriot Brandon Thompson of Camp Pvt. William Price of Ringling have made it known they intend to stand for election as Division Commander. Compatriot Kevin Easterling has likewise made it known that he intends to stand for election as Division Lt. Commander.

Ft. Washita Brigade Commander, Jerry Patrick, has advised Commander Cook that he intends to stand for election for a full term as Brigade Commander. No one has made any announcements for the other Brigade offices.

On December 5th, I sent the following email to Oklahoma Division Commander Ken Cook, seeking a statement or a writeup of some sort from him on his candidacy or lack thereof. He never responded, though I confirmed that both of the email addresses I sent to were correct… Therefore, only those linked above the announcement have graciously provided a writeup for their potential constituency to review here.

Are you running this year for Division Commander?

I’ve been able to get an “official picture” and a small announcement blurb from Brandon Thompson and from Mason Page. If you are running again, I’d appreciate the same from you! Thank you for your time, and for your consideration.

For reference, should you be running and want to know what it is that I’m looking for for the blog, below are their submissions.

Brandon Thompson: http://scvok.com/a-message-from-brandon-thompson-candidate-for-ok-division-commander/
Mason Page: http://scvok.com/a-message-from-mason-page-candidate-for-ok-division-commander/

This morning I reached out to Jerry Patrick via email, to see if he wishes to provide an official photo and a statement for the readership of this blog. I feel that it is important for the readers here in Oklahoma to know who it is that they are voting for, rather than just randomly checking boxes, or selecting only who they are familiar with when they receive their ballots.

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