OK Division Commander Responds to Division within the Division

After we published the editorial from an OKC Division member entitled The folly of the Harold Tydings award in Oklahoma, a barrage of emails ensued between members over the idea that someone would willingly choose to attend a meeting of the SUVCW over the SCV, or if the recipient did indeed attend, and if so, does it matter… Below follows the Division Commander’s response to the whole ordeal. Presented for your review with no further commentary.


During the last several months, I have chosen not to remain silent during the ongoing internet bashing of fellow SCV compatriots on both sides of whatever issue was being argued.  But, this latest attack cannot go unanswered.  I don’t know where the “information” about our Harold Tydings Award recipient came from.  Both Commander Harrison and I communicated with him by email, and he assured us he would be at the Convention if he felt well enough to travel.  He is in quite poor health, and it’s getting worse.  He, of course, had no idea he was to receive the award, and still doesn’t.   I don’t know what he did last Saturday and don’t care.  We have 424 members in the Oklahoma Division, but only about ten per cent of them attended the Convention. What were they doing on Saturday, and who cares?

The SCV does not have a purity test for membership.  We are a big tent, Every member is free to believe what he chooses. Although the vast majority of our members (including me, just so you will know) do not have Union ancestors, some members do.  It is not a matter of serving two masters, rather, it’s a matter of honoring ones ancestors, whichever army they served.   One can easily respect the choices and allegiances of each of his ancestors without disparaging the others.

Commander McBroom is right.  We have far more important issues before us than this ongoing nonsense about who is a purer Son of a Confederate Veteran and who may be tainted with a belief that the purists think disqualifies him.

Let’ stop this nonsense and concentrate on what is truly important.

Ken Cook, Commander
Oklahoma Division, SCV

As to what Commander McBroom stated that Commander Cook reinforced in his closing statement, only excerpts are provided below as relevant, and to protect the identities and opinions of individual members.

Dear All,

I would like to stress how imperative it is for us to get along. There remains no margin for error these days and a unified commitment is paramount to that end… [[removed]] …I believe our Division is as strong as it has ever been and on track to do many great things. It is my hope and goal to work with everyone under the tent. We are all watching quite a spectacle in New Orleans at the base of Jefferson Davis’ monument. I believe there will be a crescendo of some sorts there very soon and it is very sad to see the Louisiana Division basically abandon a Monument Guard process and then lambaste the fringe types and our affiliates as jazz fest interlopers.

Well, that’s exactly what they are, but what should be done if Louisiana cares not enough of its heroes and history to take up the sword and lead the procession? I spoke with [[a member]] last week about the importance of an SCV Monument Guards to be deployed upon these moments when the statues might be vandalized or removed. The squad should consist of our compatriots, preferably with military or law enforcement backgrounds to communicate with the authorities, but also needed present are those who can video and photograph what takes place. Any speaking to the media should be done by someone qualified to do so.

Anyway, it is quite a spectacle and even though we are in the right, the cards are stacked against us in so many ways. There is no room for disagreements and backbiting… [[removed]] …We are here to represent our ancestors, and now we are being called upon to defend there very memory in marble and granite. Let us do just that for now.

Thank you all,
Erik McBroom

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