A Reminder To SCV Members/Officials During Election Season

I’ve seen a lot of “official” SCV Twitter and Facebook accounts making endorsements or badmouthing candidates. This is a reminder from HQ to make sure and do so using your personal accounts only, not accounts associated with or representing the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

Dear Compatriots,

It is “Election Season” in the United States, and therefore a good time to remind all SCV members of certain restrictions placed on the SCV as a result of our Federal Tax Status.

Acting for the Sons of Confederate Veterans, or as an Officer, Camp, or other SCV Subdivision, you many not promote any particular candidate or political party. The Federal Tax Code does not allow the SCV or an SCV entity, in such SCV capacity, to promote candidates or parties. The reason the SCV does not and cannot promote particular candidates is because the SCV can and will lose its “non-profit” classification if such is allowed

In your personal capacity, you may be politically involved and may promote any candidate of your choosing; just don’t cite your SCV office or membership status in your communications. In your individual capacity, you may promote candidates and/or parties without adverse impact upon the SCV’s tax status. Nothing prohibits you from promoting a candidate, in your individual capacity. But, you cannot invoke the name of the SCV to promote any particular party or candidate.

Please help us maintain the advantageous tax status afforded non-profit corporations. The Sons of Confederate Veterans is a Non-profit, 501(c) corporation, and desires to maintain such status.

I appreciate your attention to this issue. Let’s work together to ensure that the SCV goals and plans are advanced as effectively as possible.

Scott D. Hall, Esq
Judge Advocate-in-Chief
Sons of Confederate Veterans
105 Bruce Street
Sevierville, Tennessee 37862

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