SCV Kansas Division – Mechanized Cavalry

Kansas is now a platoon in the SCV Mechanized Cavalry, thanks in large part to the recruiting efforts of Dick Croft.  In keeping with that, the 1st Kansas Platoon is offering an incentive for new recruits through March 1, 2017 – the 1977 Harley-Davidson Confederate Edition reproduction decals.  These are worth $35.  Your one-time Mechanized Cavalry cost is $100, and you get the 12-inch patch to show your support for the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  All current SCV members are eligible, with recommendation from current Mechanized Cavalry member.  You don’t need to own a bike, just have a desire to show the flag!

Let’s put Kansas on the map of the Confederacy.  Contact Pat at or any other Mechanized Cavalry member.

Further Mechanized Cavalry news:

IF we get six more members by March,  Captain Plummer will suggest, at the Mechanized Cavalry Officer’s Meeting, that Kansas be made a Company.  Something to shoot for…
mc hd decal
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