Sons of Confederate Veterans suing Natchitoches over battle flag ban

By: Nick Lawton
NATCHITOCHES, LA (KSLA) – An eight-page lawsuit details how the Louisiana Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans are taking the City of Natchitoches to court over the Confederate battle flag.

During the city’s famous Christmas parade in 2015, an historic first occurred when flying the flag was forbidden.

“Almost 25 years prior and we have never had any problems with anyone in the crowd,” SCV Lieutenant Commander-In-Chief Paul Gramling told KSLA. “To be politically correct, they decided to ban us from the parade unless we carried just one or two flags that they approved.”

Because of that ban, the Sons of Confederate Veterans chose not to march in the parade. Instead, they protested beside the parade with Confederate battle flags.

Gramling said the flags that were banned contained the St. Andrews Cross. Meanwhile, other flags like the first Confederate national flag, the Stars and Bars, were not banned.

According to Gramling, other flags made the cut too.



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