Nine Specific Reasons The SCV Needs To Be Reformed or Unreconstructed

This list is from Rudy Ray of the Major R.L. Dabney SCV Camp in Canton, TX, and I completely agree with him. The SCV has become to much of a history club/country club. No one stands up for anything anymore, and in their failure to fight against the Yankee Politically Correct indoctrination that is putting men in ladies restrooms just because they want to wear a skirt, they dishonor our ancestors. Our ancestors are rolling over in their graves every time we stand down from confrontation simply because we don’t want to offend what has been dubbed “snowflake” sensibilities. I’m pleased to see men like Rudy Ray that are CONFEDERATE and that bring honor to the memories of those that fought and died for us to have a civilized, free society.

  1. The Ignorance of The Cause In The SCV
  2. The Failure of the SCV To Focus on The Vindication of the Cause As Evidenced By The Scarcity of Referring To The Cause and Its Vindication In & By The SCV, and The Reticence and Reluctance of SCV Leaders To Define The Mission of the SCV by the Charge of the SCV, By The Vindication of the CSA Cause, i.e. “The purpose of the SCV is to vindicate the CSA Cause”.
  3. The Deliberate Distinguishing of the Confederate Soldier’s “Noble Fight” From the Confederate States of America’s “Noble Cause”.
  4. The “Civil War Roundtable” and “Truce Mentality” of Giving Kudos to Both Sides in the War; i.e. The “Blue-Grey” BS.
  5. The Partnering With and Pandering To The Sons of Union Veterans, Who Despise The CSA Cause and Who Honor The Invaders of Our Southland.
  6. USA Nationalism, Which is Antithetical to the CSA Cause, Dominates the SCV and At Best Competes for the Hearts and Minds of SCV Members.
  7. The Preeminence of the US Flag at and in the SCV Symbolically Refutes the CSA Cause and Dramatically Symbolizes The Defeat and Subjection of the Southern Confederacy.
  8. The Upturned Palm Salute To The Confederate Flag Also Symbolizes This Subjection and Coupled With the “Real” Salute and/or Hand Over Heart Pledge To The USA Flag Dramatically Testifies To the Preeminence of the USA Over the CSA and The SCV’s Concurrence With This.
  9. The Presence & Reciting of the Lincolnian/Bellamy/Yankee Pledge of Allegiance to the Indivisible Yankee Republic Is A Direct and Blatant Refutation of the Cause of the CSA & A Slap In The Face of Our Ancestors.

Rudy Ray
Major R.L. Dabney SCV Camp #2261
Canton, Texas

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