Statement from TX Lt. Com. John McCammon On Statue Removal


The agenda to remove all memory of the Confederacy continues. This reinforces the need for us to unite and fight our enemies at every turn. This means local observation, reconnaissance, working with other heritage groups, reading on line papers and participating in local politics.

We need to unite and fight our enemies who continue to attack us, relentlessly and with hate, until they accomplish their goal of removing all Confederate History and then, “re-educating” our children. If this isn’t proof enough, I cannot request any stronger the need for the Texas Division to “fight our enemies” right here in Texas.

Each camp commander already has instructions from their Brigade Commanders to write up their Quarterly Heritage Defense activities and send them to the Brigade Commander for consolidation for Division. ‘Heritage Defense Plan 2017, Texas Division’ can work IF we all “communicate” and allow our fellow compatriots to know the current fights along with potential confrontations.

Brigade Commanders, please re-contact your camps and have them report as soon as possible. Your Quarterly reports should be consolidated with suggested responses and action plans and sent to me by January 3rd.

John McCammon
Lieutenant Commander
Texas Division ATM SCV

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