The folly of the Harold Tydings award in Oklahoma

UPDATE, 05/01/2017 – This editorial and emails related to it, has been responded to by the division commander. Read more HERE.


EDITORIAL – Independently submitted by a member of the division


On Saturday, April 22, 2017, at the Oklahoma Division Convention, there was the annual presentation of the Harold Tydings Award.  This year it was awarded to a man who was not present to accept the award.  Where was he?  He was elsewhere – instead of attending our Oklahoma Sons of Confederate Veterans Convention, it’s been said that the Tydings Award recipient was attending an SUVCW (Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War) meeting as he is very active in that Yankee organization.  Why is the Oklahoma Division granting awards to those who favor Yankee people and their principles, instead of Confederate men who follow the charge and perpetuate the ideas for which our forefathers fought, and died?


Is our Committee giving members of the SUVCW special consideration for awards in the Sons of Confederate Veterans?  In Oklahoma there are some leaders and members who are flirting with Yankee traditions rather than siding with the Confederates and Founders.  Do they really believe that they can serve two masters?  We know who some of them are by the meetings they prefer to attend. We are to charged with following the Confederates in the Sons of Confederate Veterans.


Would it make any difference if the Harold Tydings Award had been named the Robert E. Lee Award or the Stand Watie Award?  Probably not to our Yankee thinkers.  Division leaders need to be on alert and on their the toes, to be standing for the Confederate veterans and the South. This awards business has outlasted its usefulness.  The Harold Tydings award has been diminished and tarnished.  The Harold Tydings Award should no longer be an award in Oklahoma.

The Harold Tydings Award

Purpose: This award is to recognize outstanding and exemplary service by a member of the Oklahoma Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans

Number of Awards: Only one award may be made in a single year. This award will only be made in those years when the circumstances merit.

Eligibility: All nominees must be members in good standing, have five years of uninterrupted SCV service, and have served in a position of state importance in an outstanding manner. Examples of such positions include: Division Commander, Division Lt. Commander, Division Adjutant, important Division Staff positions, and chairmen of important Division Committees. The current Division Commander and Lt. Commander are not eligible while serving in their current offices. No individual may receive the Harold Tydings Award more than once.

Selection Process: The Awards Committee will notify the Division Executive Council each spring that nominations are due for this award. Members of the Division Executive Council are permitted to nominate one candidate annually for the award. A narrative of at least twenty-five (25) words and not more than seventy-five (75) words should accompany nominations. After the announced period for receiving nominations has passed, the Awards Committee will prepare a ballot, with accompanying narratives, and send them to each voting member of the Division Executive Council. The ballot will contain a provision for Members to vote for No Award. Voting shall be by secret ballot, which will be transmitted to the designated member of the Awards Committee for tabulating. The nominee receiving the largest number of votes will be declared the winner. In case of tie, the nominee with the greatest number of years of SCV membership will be declared the winner. If the provision for No Award receives the highest number of votes, then no award will be made that year.

Form of Award: The award consists of a plaque in the size and design of the first one, which was presented at the 2013 Oklahoma Division Convention.

Cost of Award: The cost of the award will be borne by the Oklahoma Division Headquarters.

Presentation: This award will normally be presented at the Oklahoma Division Convention. However, the Division Commander may direct an alternate time and place of presentation.

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