The Great American Moral Panic of 2016-2017

We are witnessing the dawn of a new America. Not a better America, for sure, but a new America. An America where fascism runs around wearing the name “AntiFascism” and forces all dissenting opinions into agreement, or silence. Sometimes, permanently. An America where common sense is thrown carelessly out a tenth story window, and foolishness is given power to make decisions that shape the future of our once great nation. Believe it or not, we’re doing it / watching it be done, in the name of morality. So twisted has our morality become, that it’s considered OK to shoot a law enforcement officer who has a wife and children, an exemplary service record, and commendations for his aid to the poor of the community, because a bad apple on the other end of the nation did something that made someone mad, or a good cop, in fear of his life, shot and killed an armed thug. So warped has our thinking become, that  protests have become synonymous with vandalism, looting, rioting, assault and murder. So skewed has our thinking become, that all races may have pride in their race except whites. In this new America, whites are born racist, and it’s OK to hate whites for that. It is a vile and a disgusting America, this new America.

For over one hundred years, judges, senators, congressmen, governors and presidents have walked past statues and flags to get into buildings. Those that elected them, and who they represent also walked past them. No one was ever offended by them or scared of them to the point of mass hysteria. People saw them for what they were. Reminders of the past. Some memories of glory, others of mistakes. Omens of what might have been. Tributes to a war, sadness to the loss of life, and memorials to the brave who fought and died for their beliefs, whatever they may have been. But in this new America, people like Nancy Pelosi who have been wandering the same halls aimlessly for over thirty years are now suddenly and magically horrified, and morally repulsed by some of the statutes that they’ve only now noticed. In this new America, politicians have joined in the frenzy, and desperate to remain relevant and win over the younger generation, suddenly find statues repugnant. Never mind that a statue of the late, great Democratic Senator Mr. Robert Byrd who n the early 1940s, recruited 150 of his friends and associates to create a new chapter of the Ku Klux Klan in Sophia, West Virginia. still stands. We’re all right with a statue of the murderous Vladmir Lenin. But now we’re questioning if we should allow images and statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Christopher Columbus remain… In this new America, erasing history that may embarrass us, makes it as if it never happened.

In this new America, symbols are deeply harmful. Because one fruitloop went off the deep end and decided to kill members of a black church, and because at one point in his life he dared pose with a Confederate Naval Jack flag in his hand, suddenly the Confederate flag and all symbols of the Confederacy have the power to cause physical pain and fear for our lives. It doesn’t bother us at all that one of the newest Antifa flags unfurled is nearly identical to an SS flag of the Nazi regime, or that they proudly wave communist flags or flags with the communist and murderous Marxist Che Guevara emblazoned on them. But a Blue Saint Andrew’s Cross on a red background makes us fear for our lives. So much so, in fact, that it’s OK to; slash tires and scratch paint on vehicles that have the flag, beat and kill people wearing or carrying them, throw molotov cocktails through the windows of houses flying them, and any other normally criminal acts of violence and vandalism against them.

In this new America, if a man decides that he “feels” like a woman, we have to accept it. And not only do we accept it, we praise him for his courage. If men want to marry men, we have to be OK with it. We even have to provide services for them, even if our own personally held morality is against it. In this new America, the only person that is physically able to create the cake for a gay wedding, is a Christian who opposes it. We ignore that Muslims also oppose it and refuse to make the cake, just as we ignore that Muslims still allow slavery (that we abhor in every other conceivable situation, and still blame all whites for even though slavery in America ended 150 years ago) and that Muslims oppress and do not provide women with basic human rights, because Muslims aren’t white, and because it doesn’t fit our narrative. In fact, in this new America, we ignore anything and everything that doesn’t specifically fit with our narrative because in this new America, we can’t handle truth, research, intellectual integrity or anything opposed to our viewpoints. Facts don’t matter.

In this new America, a president with 17 years worth of on the record disavowing of the KKK, David Duke, Racism etc. and 30+ years of business experience in which he hired all races, fought for equality of races in his own nightclubs and was praised by Jesse Jackson as being a “friend” who embraced “the under-served communities.” before Jesse Jackson himself joined the hysteria of the new America… only in this new America can such a man, a President, be so despised and labeled a racist. Only in this new America can a man who wants to put his nation first in terms of funding and policy, be so reviled. Never mind that other nations have built fences and walls, or that other nations don’t send half the funds we do to help third world countries… only Donald Trump is evil and racist for doing what the leaders of other major nations do. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care for Donald Trump. I am not in any way a fan. But I’m also not a mindless bigot that’s going to go around spewing what the media vomits out. Sadly, in this new America, that means to all of the mindless drones, that I support him and probably that I must have voted for him. We don’t care that his competition, Senator/First Lady/Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her husband were close friends with clansman Robert Byrd. She gets a pass on everything because she’s a woman. We only hate and call Donald Trump a racist, though his record very clearly shows that he is anything but.

In this new America, we don’t investigate anything. We just mindlessly accept what the media feeds to us. We believe what we see, unless we don’t like it. If we see it and don’t like it, we immediately chant “Photoshop”. Even when we’re shown evidence, photos, video interviews and more, we immediately call foul. Instead of looking at the truth, we start a smear campaign against the one who dared spread it. In this new America, it’s OK to post the address, phone number and email address of people who think for themselves. It’s OK to threaten them for daring to share evidence, for daring to investigate, for refusing to blindly accept what they are given. In this new America, anyone who doesn’t agree with us is a Nazi. A fascist. A racist. Un-human. Worthy of extermination. We burn books we don’t like, topple statues we don’t like, destroy the lives of people we don’t like, and all in the name of freedom, morality and equality. This… this is the new America. A once proud nation that led the world. Reduced to a nation of hate, division, strife and idiocy. Where the blood of those that fought to preserve the rights that are used to destroy the nation, is hated, slandered and ostracized. This is the new America. This is the lunacy – er… I mean… legacy we are leaving to our children and grandchildren.

This new America is everything George Orwell predicted… Welcome to Oceania.

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