The Systematic Attack On Confederate Heritage 2017 Has Begun

Al Benson Jr. , author of “Lincoln’s Marxists“, ponders as to why Southerners continue to finance the destruction of their children and culture in his ARTICLE. Mr. Benson was born and raised in the North, and can testify firsthand to the relentless indoctrination to the Federalist agenda. He learned and dutifully recited  facts, figures and statistics that he was taught regarding the cause and reasoning behind the civil war. But he decided to break the Yankee mold. He thought for himself. And in so doing, he learned true history and came to respect and support the Southern Cause. In his article, he accurately represents what we have come to know as the “Public School System”  and identifies it as a systematic destruction of faith and of culture. He relates a story to drive home the indoctrination that we are willingly subjecting our children to.

Confirmation of my viewpoint was driven home to me awhile back by a friend in Georgia who has been part of the Southern Movement and happened to have a Confederate flag in his garage. One day his grandson came over and asked him why he had that “racist” flag in his garage. The grandson attends the local public school. Realizing there was a definite problem with his grandson’s history education, Grandpa has taken it upon himself to work with his grandson to correct some of the gross errors  perpetrated by that school’s “history” or “social studies” teachers and, at last report, it seemed to be helping out. And that is good. But how many grandsons across the South and other places have this same historical bilge thrown at them where there is no help from concerned grandfathers or dads? Too many!  And our history and our culture are being systematically trashed–and we are willingly paying for it!

As he points out, the same is true of the college level, even in our own Southern institutions. All have been thoroughly infiltrated by Yankee scalawags. Their intense hatred for our culture, our faith in God and our general mannerisms and demeanor have caused them to declare a hidden crusade against us. But all is done in secret. Just as they uprooted our fathers by sending Northerners South to maintain control, and forced large numbers of Confederates Northward where they were shamed by all they encountered, they are now uprooting our culture by bringing in “progressive” thinking professors with their Northern ideology, and purchasing textbooks from Northern presses to completely annihilate any trace of the old South through mandatory re-education programs worthy of George Orwell novels. The good Mr. Benson goes on to point out a specific instance in which our culture came immediately under attack before 2016 was even fully tucked in to bed.

A case in point–Richard Meagher, a political science professor at Randolph Macon College in Ashland, Virginia. Professor Meagher just had an op-ed piece printed in the Richmond Times-Dispatch for January 1, 2017. The headline for his piece was A plea for the new year: No more Confederate nonsense, please.  Meagher admits he is a transplanted Northerner and that, therefore, he feels his opinion will be worthless to a good number of Virginia folks and other Southerners as well–yet here he is, teaching in the South, and spreading that opinion to lots of Southern young folks. I guess he figures if he can’t change their parents’  minds the least he can do is to indoctrinate the kids and change theirs. This was a classic “reconstruction” tactic after the War of Northern Aggression. Ignore the parents and indoctrinate the kids.

Mr. Benson goes on to talk about the vicious Meagher, and highlight the true agenda of the North. I highly recommend reading his post HERE to get a clear idea on just what is taking place in the institutions to which you dutifully send your children.

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