The Texas Vindicators

One group within the SCV has made it their mission to return the SCV to the Confederacy. To no longer be ashamed or run crying like babies from the politically correct crowd, but rather to take a stand and defend the honor and the legacy of our glorious Confederate dead. To actually live up to the charge that we were given rather than trying to placate Yankee sensibilities. God bless the Texas Vindicators, and God bless the true sons of the South.

Who We Are:

Who are the Vindicators? Well in one sense every member of the SCV is a vindicator or at least should be. Our Charge makes us all vindicators.

“To you, Sons of Confederate Veterans we will commit the vindication of the Cause…”

So if this is true why then have a group of men within the SCV calling themselves Vindicators? In a nutshell the SCV has in many ways strayed away from and failed to live up to its Charge to vindicate the Cause.  This is a major problem. This failure is the result of Yankee, Progressive Reconstruction. Thus a group of SCV men have banded together in an effort to address this and Unreconstruct the SCV. THIS is who we are.


What We Do (Our Purpose and Mission):

The mission of the Texas Vindicators is to call the Sons of Confederate Veterans back to our original purpose which was and is to “vindicate the Cause” of the Confederacy. Our mission is to be a voice to call the SCV back to that which makes us who & what we are. We have organized in order to fulfill our mission and we believe that if and when we are successful in our mission we will no longer be needed as such. We are not in competition with the SCV but rather are faithful SCV men who fully support the SCV according to its Charge. We do and will abide by all SCV Constitutions, By-Laws, etc. We honor all Offices in the SCV according to said Constitutions and By-Laws.


When and How We Came Into Being:

We were born in and out of the sad affair known as the Lubbock Affair (2014-2015), an affair that had its roots in this issue of a Reconstructed SCV.


How We Are Seeking To Fulfill Our Mission:

We are seeking to unreconstruct the SCV and reform it chiefly by educating & motivating SCV members and camps concerning the Cause and its vindication. We are also seeking to do this as unreconstructed SCV men & camps by modeling an Unreconstructed SCV and thus presenting to other SCV members and camps an alternative kind of SCV other than the prevalent and popular one presented today by the Reconstructed SCV members, camps, and leaders.


What Kind of SCV Do We Envision?

We envision an SCV that is fully dedicated to its Charge to first and foremost vindicate the Cause of the Confederacy. We envision an SCV that is defined and governed in all that it is and does by that Charge. We long to see an SCV focused on and deadly serious about vindicating the Cause- in all that it says and does including the conducting of ceremonies and the use of its symbols. We envision an SCV that honors the Confederate Flags and in particular the official Flag of the SCV, the Battle Flag of the ANV, by giving them/it the Preeminent and Prominent place in any and all SCV Meetings, Ceremonies, and Functions. We envision an SCV that does not contradict its Charge by the reciting of the Lincolnian Pledge of Allegiance (POA) to the USA Flag and Lincolnian Republic. In short we envision an SCV that is thoroughly Confederate rather than one that divides its loyalties with a mythical USA Nationalism and subjugates the Cause to the Progressive USA.


How We Intend To Function With Other SCV Camps & Members:

We readily recognize and appreciate that there are good and sincere SCV men and camps that have not yet come to the conclusions that we have in regard to an Unreconstructed, Charge oriented SCV. Indeed most of us at one time were grossly ignorant about this issue and all of us are continuing to unreconstruct ourselves from years of yankee indoctrination. In view of this, our purpose is not to mandate such things as the removal of the anti-Charge POA, but rather, in the free market place of ideas, we intend to educate and advocate for its removal. Also in order to accommodate other good men & camps we advocate the honoring of camp autonomy (by all) where each camp determines for itself such things as the POA, etc. We also advocate, at and in appropriate times and settings, the open & respectful discussion and even debating of these issues.


We recently sought to address this issue of two differing views by writing a letter to the current, decidedly reconstructed, Texas Division Command. We proposed a meeting in which the two sides would address the issue with some serious & respectful dialogue, etc. This sincere and good faith proposal by the Texas Vindicators was in response to Commander Bray’s appeal for unity that he made at the Kerrville Convention in June.  Our initial letter, along with a follow-up letter, was completely ignored by the current Division Command. This sadly tells us that the current Division Commanders are not sincerely interested in working with those of us who have a different vision for the SCV then the one that they have. They appear to want our support for their SCV but they evidently are not the least bit interested in our input in regard to the nature and mission of the SCV.  Since the Division Command ignored us and our proposal we now make the same in essence proposal to the Texas Division itself, the membership and camps. Here is our proposalthose of us who call ourselves Texas Vindicators extend a sincere invitation to any and all SCV members and camps to respectfully discuss/debate this issue with us.  We will do so in and on Social Media, in one on one meetings, or in roundtable discussions with several men representing each side. We are also available to answer questions and again, discuss or even debate the issue(s).


And we welcome those of you who are already likeminded with us to join us in our worthy effort to reform the SCV according to its glorious Charge to vindicate the just Cause of the Confederate States of America.  You can read more about us on our Texas Vindicators Facebook Page and/or you can contact us at


Rudy Ray, Mark Brown, and Paul Mattoon- Texas Vindicator Steering Committee.


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