UPDATE: Charges against Texas Leadership Taking Form

In July, we uploaded the Texas DEC audio recording provided by an anonymous attendee, in order to help them make Texas compatriots aware of what was being done behind closed doors, especially with respect to their attempt to oust Rudy Ray from the Texas Division with false charges.  We later also posted a text transcript for those who had trouble hearing the audio. Later the constitutional abiding members provided us with an update on the corruption in the leadership, detailing how they will not abate their efforts to rid themselves of the thorn in the side that Rudy Ray has proven himself to be to them and all who refuse to keep the SCV Confederate, and in line with the UCV founders. Now we have a list of violations of the Texas Constitution (as published in the Belo Herald) which may well be used to push formal charges. The information states that it is well documented. If so, these equal serious charges indeed, against the named individuals. Find the article below:

‘SCV Constitutionalists Letter of Intent’


We are SCV Constitutionalists, We have some reasons why.

An unquestioned allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America largely written and expounded by Southern men and always clung to by Southern people as the very Magna Carta of our liberties.

We associate in one united, compact body all men of Confederate ancestry, to cultivate, perpetuate and sanctify the ties of fraternity and friendship entailed thereby; to aid and encourage the recording and teaching, with impartiality, all Southern History and achievement from Jamestown to this present era, seeing to it especially that the events of the War Between the States are authentically and clearly written, and that all documents, relics and memento’s produced and handed down by the active participants therein are properly treasured and preserved for posterity; to comfort, succor and assist needy Confederate Veterans, Sons of Confederate Veterans, their wives, widows and orphans; to urge, aid and assist in the erection of suitable and enduring monuments and memorials to all Southern valor, military and civil, wherever done and wherever found, particularly stressing that of our heroic Confederate Ancestors who by their sacrifice perpetuated unto us and our descendants that glorious heritage of valor, chivalry and honor, which we now hold and venerate; and to instill into our descendants a devotion to and reverence for the principles represented by the Confederate States of America, to the honor, glory and memory of our fathers who fought in that cause.

The Oath taken during the Installation of SCV Camp Officers requires you as a Camp Officer to pledge yourself, with loyalty and dedication, to protect, defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States and the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

We expect our Division Officers to respect and follow our Texas Division Constitution, the National SCV Constitution and Roberts Rules of Order at all times.

We consider anyone who does not follow our Constitutions and Roberts Rules of Order in the strictest sense to be “Obstructionists”.

We, Constitutionalists, oppose any and all Obstructionists, who do their best to ignore our Constitutions and Roberts Rules of Order any way they can that personally benefits them. This work means so very much to the future existence of the SCV. We encourage the attendance of all Compatriots to DEC Meetings and Division Reunions and request their support and vote.

Attached is a list of well documented recent violations of our Constitutions by our Division Officers.

“If Freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be lead, like sheep to the slaughter.” George Washington


JULY 30th – Dishonesty when Commander McMahon said that the National SCV GEC asked that no action be taken by Texas against Rudy Ray but that jurisdiction be forwarded to the GEC.

AUGUST 9thNeglect of Duty when Commander McMahon failed to obey an order to distribute to the entire Texas DEC a copy of Commander-in-Chief Thomas Strain’s order to McMahon setting the record straight on the allegations against Rudy Ray.

SEPTEMBER 9thAct repugnant to the SCV Constitution and Standing Orders by violation of Standing Order 9.5 when Commander McMahon ordered Attorney Mike Moore to send letter threatening legal action against the Texas Society Order of the Confederate Rose, hereinafter referred to as TSOCR, Inc.

SEPTEMBER 9thDishonesty when Commander McMahon wrote in a letter that the DEC had voted to request the Charter of the TSOCR be revoked.

SEPTEMBER 9thDishonesty when Commander McMahon fraudulently misrepresented the TSOCR of being in violation of the rules of the Confederation of State Societies.

OCTOBER 16thDishonesty when Commander McMahon fraudulently misrepresented the amount of money the SCV Adjutant John Dickey was demanding as owed by the TSOCR Heritage Fund.

NOVEMBER 6THNeglect of duty when Commander McMahon condoned and allowed Larry Martin, Commander of Camp #586 to proffer charges against 3rd Brigade 1St Commander Jack Dyess in deliberate violation of Texas Constitution allowed a Disciplinary Investigation by Greg Manning without written charges being proffered by the Texas DEC violation of 13.3.1. and failed to send a copy of charges to Lt. Commander Dyess in violation of 13.3.2.

Conduct unbecoming a member of the Texas Division and the SCV when Commander McMahon condoned violations of the Texas Division Constitution which trampled on the rights of (Jack Dyess) a life member in good standing of the Texas SCV. (Section 13)

Acts repugnant to the Texas Division Constitution when Commander McMahon permitted intentional actions to slander the good name of Jack Dyess by allowing an unconstitutional Disciplinary investigation that resulted in questioning of non-members who had no association with the SCV raising concern of damage to Dyess’ reputation with individuals in the community whose opinions he values and who have no way of knowing that such questions were illegitimate.

Acts repugnant to the Texas Division Constitution when Commander McMahon condoned an unconstitutional Disciplinary Investigation by Inspector Greg Manning of Compatriot Rudy Ray without the necessary DEC vote of Charges. The questions IG Manning asked Ray, concerned a fb post alleged to have been made by him last summer. The illegal investigation spread to questions about the Vindicators, the Flag and the Pledge controversy. IG Manning admitted the investigation he had been appointed to conduct by Commander McMahon was in violation of the Constitution.

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