Make your vote COUNT!

160818142212-05-omran-daqneesh-aleppo-syria-super-169Take a good look, America. And remember that this is what happens when you elect leaders that decides they doesn’t like a particular world leader (one of the only democratic leaders in the entire Middle East) and make baseless accusations, then decide to fund a group of rebels to try and topple the government which get our weapons, our training, and then turn on us. We trained and armed them to kill their fellow Syrians, and they beheaded quite a few Christians both United States Citizens, and from Middle East nations in the process. Remember, that ANY alliance with ANY Muslim will ALWAYS be an unholy one. We armed and trained the Taliban to fight against Russia, and they turned against us. We now armed and trained rebels who now fight for ISIS, to fight against a legitimate Democratic ruler, and they also turned on us.

You claim to be outraged, to care about this child. This child was fortunate to escape with his life. Not all are so fortunate. Take a good look. This is what you are voting for. This is an issue that will haunt us as U.S. citizens for years to come. If you TRULY value human life, you will use your vote to put someone in power that respects the dignity of life. Someone that will not warmonger, but who will be firm and defend our nation when necessary. Someone that will be responsible not only to America, but to the world as a peacekeeper and bulwark of light in a dark world. If you can’t do that, and would rather engage in stupid party politics, then just take a gun, walk up to this child, and shoot him in the face, because that is what your partisan bullshit is doing across the Middle East right now. It’s time to throw parties out, throw politics out, and vote based on morality and conscience. If you can’t do that, YOU are a murderer.

It’s time to focus on the United States. Our problems. Our infrastructure. Our destitute. Our homeless. Our hungry. Our orphans. Our economy. It’s time to mind our own business… to get our own house in order. If we can’t do that, we have absolutely no right whatsoever telling other nations how they should live and who they should be ruled by. U.S. citizens are hurting and in need, and instead, we’re sending millions of dollars daily to other nations, to other militaries and to other governments. While someone lives in a box in an alley down the road, we enrich tyrants across the sea. Enough is enough, people.

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