In today’s society, what ISN’T hate?

Those of us that are attempting to defend the heritage, heroism and legacy of our ancestors have a very big problem right now. The media isn’t displaying images of Southerners, descendants of those brave dead, feeding the homeless. They aren’t showing those who truly represent the South giving blankets out in parks, or socks and new boots to the barefoot. They aren’t showing us raising money for cancer patients, or for widows. They aren’t showing us attending Church faithfully. They aren’t showing us helping the neighbors kid get to class on time. They aren’t showing us donating time and money. No.

What they are showing is people that CLAIM to represent us. People with a very different agenda than our own. They are showing Nazis, Communists, Fascists, hate filled, Nationalistic morons that scream hate filled slogans and vomit out racist remarks and ideology. And they’re showing them at OUR monuments. They’re showing them carrying OUR flag. They’re giving audio and video files of them dropping the ‘F’ bomb, using the ‘N’ word, claiming that Zionists and Jews run the world. They’re showing them making unintelligent remarks. They’re showing hundreds upon hundreds of them marching and shouting hate.

The problem is less and less the left wing nutjobs who are merely pawns, wanting the monuments down… and more the alt-right who by their mere presence and hate filled rhetoric, ascribe hate and racism to the very monuments they claim to be trying to protect. We can scream “We’re defending our heritage” until we are blue in the face, but as long as these jackasses are running around waving swastikas and doing the Hitler salute, that’s all the media will focus on, and by extension, all America will see and believe about our sacred flag, drenched with the blood of our fathers, and those monuments erected in the honor of their great and noble leaders.

Our strategy has to change. We have got to show that we aren’t racist, not just say it. We have to show that we aren’t filled with hate, not just say it. We have to distance ourselves from the fools who go around polluting the air with shouts of white nationalism and hate. We have to alienate them completely. We have to utterly cut them off. I don’t know how to do that, seeing as how Soros pays them to go raise a fuss same as he pays the “Anti-Fa” to go stir up trouble with the Nazis. America doesn’t realize that she’s being duped, and the only way to put an end to it is to sew seeds of unity, love, equality – and to reveal them for who and what they are.

People can only ascribe honor to our noble ancestors, if their descendants behave with dignity and honor. People can only view them as having fought for the right, if their descendants fight for what is right. As we view our ancestors, so should we behave so that the rest of this nation which is going insane, can get a glimpse into what Southern pride, Southern mannerisms, Southern kindness and Southern gentlemen are all about. Without this, it isn’t our ancestors who fought for a “lost cause”, it is us.

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