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At present, this section houses primarily documents of the National and the Kansas Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. I’m working on obtaining corresponding documentation specific to the Oklahoma Division for items 1 & 2. Please choose which document you wish to view:

  1. General Order 15 [re: commercial web links] (PDF)
  2. A Resolution in Support of the Confederate Battle Flag Passed By The Majority of SCV Camps In National Convention Garland County, Arkansas, 25 July 2009 (Link)
  3. Robert’s Rules of Order web site (Link)
  4. Oklahoma Division Newsletter Archive (Link)


  1. “Defending the Colors…Advancing the Colors”
    by the Army of Northern Virginia Department
  2. Confederate Monument, Arlington National Cemetery
    Text by Rev. Father Alister C. Anderson
    Photography by James F. McMurray Jr., M.D.
  3. Johnson’s Island POW Camp, Paper with Color Photos
  4. “Black Confederates” – a paper for Black History Month, by Scott Williams
  5. “The Role of Blacks in the Confederate Army”
    by Tison, Harry W II SSG 631 MAINT CO/AFZP-HC
  6. Commanders-in-Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, 1896-1998 – (a listing)
  7. SCV Resolution Covering Hate Groups


  1. The Place for Me, by Cmdr. Anthony Jones
  2. The Confederate Flag Bearer, by Heath Lee Turner
  3. A Soldier Died Today, author unknown
  4. Confederate Feelings, by Ed White
  5. Richmond Air Corps, by Henry Kidd
  6. Confederate Memorial Day, author unknown
  7. To the Confederate Dead, monument inscription/poem
  8. Our Prayer to You…Our Military at War, by Sally Raburn
  9. Old Blue Light, by Zac Tims
  10. Angels in the Bluegrass, by Robert Silas Griffin
  11. Southern Comfort, by Susan Bruce
  12. The Forgotten Rebel Soldier, by Gene Ladnier
  13. When Will the Confederate Soldier Be Forgotten?, by James Barson
  14. Men in Gray, by Cass Casto
  15. Our Flag, by Vivienne
  16. Sons of Confederate Veterans March, (lyrics) by James F. Chumbley
  17. Sons of Confederate Veterans March, (midi sound file) by James F. Chumbley


  1. Recipe for Mint Julep, by Lt.Gen. Simon Bolivar Buckner, Jr.
  2. Confederate Clip Art (Web Page)


These fact sheets are prepared by the Sons of Confederate Veterans Education Committee for distribution to professors, teachers, librarians, principals, ethnic leaders, members of the press, and others interested in promoting an understanding of the contributions of various ethnic groups to United States history. These sheets may be freely copied and distributed without permission or notice; if republished in part or whole, please credit the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

  1. Black Confederate Heritage (PDF)
  2. Black Confederate Heritage (Word Doc)
  3. Hispanic Confederate Heritage (PDF)
  4. Hispanic Confederate Heritage (Word Doc)
  5. American Indian Confederates (PDF)
  6. Confederate Flag Fact Sheet (PDF)
  7. Confederate Flag Fact Sheet (Word Doc)


NCAA Boycott of South Carolina sporting events.
The NCAA currently has a policy that no “predetermined” postseason events (bowl games, tournaments, etc.) are to be played in South Carolina. This is in response to the continued presence of the Confederate battle flag on the Statehouse grounds.The newly forming Heritage Defense Committee is currently formulating a defense/offense plan for hopeful implementation in November.
NASCAR continues to publicly denounce it’s southern roots and pander to the anti Confederate Flag elements.The Heritage Defense Committee is also currently formulating a defense/offense plan for implementation which will be apparent at a number of future races.
Midland, Texas
Directors of the Midland Independent School District are considering the possibility of dropping Confederate references at two schools named for Robert E. Lee in response to a parent’s complaint. The board directed school officials to consider changing Robert E. Lee Freshman High School’s yearbook to something other than “The Confederate.” It also asked officials to consider changing the “Dixie” fight song at Lee Freshman and at Robert E. Lee High School.This matter is currently under investigation by the Heritage Defense Committee.
Tazwell, Virginia
A young lady wishing to express her pride in her southern heritage by wearing Confederate theme clothing was greatly chatised by the local school system here in this small community.The SCV is standing with her in her struggle against the system and the matter is currently in the hands of attorneys for possible litigation.
Saltville, Virginia
A local administrator, native of Pennsylvania, proposes to remove historical signs stating: “Saltville, Salt Capital of the Confederacy” that are located at the entrances to the town.The matter is under investigation by the Heritage Defense Committee.
How you can help
We will soon be looking for NCAA sports fans, throughout the conference, who are willing to express to the press, their opposition to the NCAA’s arrogance in its ban against South Carolina.Darryl Starnes
Heritage Defense Coordinator
Sons of Confederate Veterans

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